Empowering Constructive Disruption

We are passionate about the value of people & empowering their positive contribution to drive and sustain change.

People are everything.

People are the life blood of business. They are our clients, our leaders, our thinkers, our creatives who drive our every action. And, we are passionate about helping unleash the trapped value within people.


Human capital is an often untapped resource and with our environment continuing to rapidly evolve on a minute to minute basis there is a great need to create an adaptable and engaged workforce.  By releasing this trapped value within your existing human capital resources and leveraging the principles of Open, you access and catalyze your resources to become high-performing, effective and engaged employees.

Who we are.

LDR21 is a team of leadership and organizational change agents focused on culture change and introducing open practices to your workplace. We believe in the power of purpose. And we believe that a clear sense of purpose is the result of an open workplace—one that is transparent, collaborative, inclusive, adaptable, and community-driven.


By practicing those five principles, you not only transform your operational management, you transform your employees’ engagement, outlook, and investment in your success. We’ve also discovered that businesses that employ Open practices experience lower turnover, higher employee morale, and better cross-generational relationships.


Team member

Jen Kelchner


  • 93% Open Index
  • 91% Pounce Index
  • Inspirer
Team member

MaryJo Burchard, PhD

Chief Innovation Officer

  • 93% Open Index
  • 74% Pounce Index
  • Firestarter