Who we are.

We are passionate about people and transformation. Our experience has led us to an urgent need in our workplace culture – and society at large. The need to realize who we are, what our needs are during change, and what our contribution is to change in order to be effective and engaged in what we do.

LDR21 is the only provider of data intelligent, WebApp tools based on open behavior principles and human change language resulting in the next evolution of human insights.

What we do.

We help people face intense, widespread change with increased clarity and focus, empowering them to recognize the needs and contributions related to their preferred Change Language.

This results in higher engagement, less turnover, and improved human connection and communication. Catalyzing rapid responders in organizations with the tools and insight to be ready for change at every turn.

Our mission & goal

Our mission: We see the value and contribution of human beings, and empower them to become open and collaborative agents of change.

Our goal: To be the global front-runners making change humane, solving problems on every scale through human connection and empowerment.

Why choose to partner
with us

Here are a few reasons why you should partner with us – get to know us to learn more!

Our Founders

MaryJo Burchard, Ph.D. and Jen Kelchner founded LDR21 out of years of experience and research into human behaviors and intense change. Together, they bring over decades of experience in a variety of industries and verticals and personal events to lead organizations into the next evolution of human insight.

MaryJo Burchard, Ph.D.

Genius level human insight builder. Innovator passionate about transformation.

Jen Kelchner

Idea generator. Problem Solver. Passionate about transformation.