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Our Why.

People are everything.

People are the life blood of business. They are our clients, our leaders, our thinkers, our creatives who drive our every action. And, we are passionate helping individuals excel and to be engaged in doing their best work.

Open mindsets have guided our team for decades – even before it became a topic of discussion. We are excited to be on the cutting edge of helping organizations develop their people, leaders and ecosystems with the founding principles of open.

Why Defined.

Simply put, we are all in.

We are passionate about open organizational mindsets because they create global change. The principles and frameworks impact our relationships, business and our understanding of our self-value. Once we adopt these values we see it impact our day to day lives in how we interact and lead in our homes and communities. Understanding our inherent values and strengths reduces our stress and fear about our place in our communities we operate within. As our confidence increases so does our performance as it ignites passion and innovation. We begin to connect differently with our world through transparency and inclusion. Collaboration shows us how we are interdependent on each other.

Who We Are.

We don’t just talk about it. We do it.

The future of work is here and with that in mind we have founded LDR21 to meet these frameworks. We are a collective of experienced SME’s with extensive backgrounds in management consulting spanning industries and verticals operating in a virtual, mobile environment across the globe.

Our focus is to bring leaders and organizational cultures into the 21st Century utilizing Open structures and mindsets to solve workplace dysfunction. And, creating an understanding of cohort differences to leverage the benefits of a multi-generational workforce and develop a thriving ecosystem that directly impacts the bottom line.

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Who We Work With.

HR & People leaders

Leadership from managers to C-Suite

Entrepreneurs from start-up to scaling phase

Business coaches and consultants

Our What.

Generational Literacy

Managing a multi-generational workforce

Open Organizational mindsets and frameworks

Workplace dysfunction

Organizational and Leadership assessments

Scaling frameworks

Strategic planning

Coaching and mentoring

People development


Your Team

Jen Kelchner

Jen Kelchner

Founder & CEO

Jen Kelchner has spent the last decade studying, observing, and testing methodologies to rapid change and growth for individuals. Upon discovering Open models for the workplace, she found a “coming…

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Carrie Sechel

Carrie Sechel

Chief Transformation Officer

Carrie Sechel leads transformational experiences. Her work transforms systems and organizations through the lives of their people. She is driven to discover what the world would be like if those…

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Dr. MaryJo Burchard

Dr. MaryJo Burchard

Strategic Partner & Content Development Consultant

For more than 20 years, Dr. MaryJo Burchard has been equipping organizations in public and private sectors to clarify mission, develop strategies, and build strong contributing teams, both domestically and…

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Greg Howard

Greg Howard

Business Development

As a millennial, Greg hopes to help redefine the standard organizational mindset and open the world for a multi-generational workforce. As a serial entrepreneur, having started multiple small businesses throughout…

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Dani Mingo

Dani Mingo

Multimedia Producer

Danielle Mingo is passionate about modern communication techniques, like documentaries, podcasting, and social media. She is interested in sharing individual perspectives, as every person has something unique to bring to…

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