Yes. We are a consulting agency focused on leadership development and change transformation, but we have a pretty awesome multimedia team.

This isn't the forefront of our work yet we are constantly asked to partner with entrepreneurs and leaders to create branded multimedia resources for them.

So since you continue to ask, we are offering ways for you to work with our multimedia team!

HELLO@LDR21.COM   |   +1 470-485-3721

We want to help you solve the problem of having consistent branded material for you and your team.

We save you time and energy letting you focus on what really matters - your work and clients.

With a set of templates and communication text allows your team to quickly respond to client requests that keeps a consistent message and brand intact.

Get relief from the stress & let us make you look like the rock star you are.

How We Can Help You

  • Brand consultation (design, colors, your voice)
  • Logos (animated or image)
  • Branded templates for Word documents and PowerPoint
  • Proposal template
  • Main company brochure
  • One sheets
  • Multi-media slideshow
  • 90 Second HD video commercial for the web
  • Communication templates for client emails, responses or other
  • Quote graphics for social media or infographics
  • Brand booklet with fonts, colors and looks for teams to follow

Sample Multimedia Presentation

Sample Commercial