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Looking for meaningful work ?
We can help with that.

You could say that tackling people and culture problems during digital transformation is like trying to be the first to colonize Mars.

We are a diverse team who are smart, funny, quirky and passionate about changing the world. We value people and believe that everyone has a seat at the table and something positive to offer.

Like you, LDR21 is doing groundbreaking work. We might be a good fit for each other, if:

  • You are not looking for a job. You are looking for a place where you can contribute your knowledge, insights, passion and talent.
  • You enjoy a collaborative and agile environment.
  • You love to problem solve and create new things.
  • You are driven by the values of openness: transparency, adaptability, collaboration, community, inclusivity and trust.
  • You can drive hard to the goal, deliver and still find time for play and humor.
  • You have a deep passion for humanity and desire to see people know their value in the world.

We are looking for open and adaptable people who want to leave their mark on the world through positive contribution.  In 2018, LDR21 will be expanding our team for operations, administration, UX/UI, Python engineers, marketing, content writers, customer success managers and more!

Let us know what you bring to the table, what makes your outlook different, and how you could help us make a broad impact of change through the vehicles of organizational culture and leadership transformation.

Note: Employment with LDR21 LLC  will include work with our SaaS product suite – dragonfli.co.