Gen Z In The Workplace

The next generation has entered the workplace.

Learn about their needs, work styles and why they are different than Millennial's.

During This Virtual Workshop You Will Learn

Gen Z, born between 1996 - 2012, are entering the workplace. Before you assume that they are exactly like their Millennial predecessors, take an opportunity to understand who this co-hort group is and what they seek in their work. Aligned with the Great Generation in their thinking styles, Gen Z are anticipated to be key disruptors to the marketplace.

  • Who is Gen Z & why should I care?
  • What influencers have shaped this generation?
  • Macro Trends that are influencing their thinking framework
  • What this co-hort group desires most out of their work
  • What you need to attract, recruit & retain a Gen Z employee
  • Leading & managing a generation of entrepreneurial thinkers

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