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  • Openness is key to working with Gen Z April 13, 2017
    Leaders and managers everywhere collectively groan with the thought of a new cohort to manage. Boomers and Gen Xers typically try to align the new kids on the block with Millennials—which would be a mistake. While Gen Z and Millennials have similarities, their motivators and influencers are vastly different. Each of the differences affects attraction, […]
  • Why I launched a consulting agency on open principles March 9, 2017
    For the vast majority of my career in the corporate world, I felt trapped in an environment that didn't work for me. The rules of that world seemed to contradict my core values—and I wasn't willing to compromise my integrity and core self for someone else to make a dollar. On top of that, I've […]
  • 5 elements for getting teams organized February 7, 2017
    Late last year, I was meeting with a business owner to whom I've been a trusted advisor for some time. After conducting discovery interviews with his core team to understand their recruiting and staffing processes, I suggested that this leader leverage his core team for input on how to staff projects. By seeking his senior […]
  • Proof that openness scales January 12, 2017
    Recently I've had the immense pleasure of discovering Slalom Consulting, and I was fascinated to learn how they do open. Aaron Atkins and Shannon Heydt, both working in talent acquisition for Slalom, sat down with me to share challenges related to scalability—and explain how recruiting and talent management play a strong part in shaping company […]
  • Why your teams may be failing at the collaboration game December 6, 2016
    When we think about skills needed to build open structures and establish open mindsets, collaboration jumps to mind immediately. In order to collaborate effectively, communication—or rather, clear communication—is imperative to making it all work. Communication can be defined as a transfer of information from one space or person to another—but it can look like dialogue, […]
  • 6 tips for interviewing with open culture companies August 30, 2016
    For the last several years, I've been studying under an open organization and future of work guru. And for longer than I can remember, I've felt that business should operate differently—really move at the speed their people can innovate rather than standing on who's held office the longest. So you can imagine how long it […]