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Written primarily for organizational leaders, the book demonstrates how adopting open source principles can alter the nature of work, management, and leadership today—and how those principles can form the bedrock of tomorrow's most innovative organizations. The Open Organization details lessons Whitehurst learned when transitioning from a traditional leadership position to the one he now holds at Red Hat, a company built the open source way.
What is an open organization?
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Let's face it: The nature of work is changing. So the way we lead must change with it.
The academic guide to open organization structures.
Generation Open Podcast: Part II with Bryan Behrenshasuen
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Catalyst-In-Chief collects Jim's contributions to the ongoing conversation about the ways open source principles can form the bedrock of the twenty-first century's most innovative organizations—and teaches tomorrow's leaders what they'll need to make those organizations great.
Practical Tips for Igniting Passion and Performance
The Open Organization Maturity Model
The Open Organization Ambassador team details how to operationalize the principles of Open.

The Open Reading List

Working the open source way always involves standing on the shoulders of giants. Here are 10 featured books in this reading list.
Pioneering IT teams are more transparent, more collaborative, and more agile—that is, more open. They've found creative strategies for leveraging open principles and practices to achieve innovative digital transformations.

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Generation Open Podcast: Part I with Bryan Behrenshasuen

RSS In The Open Column | by Jen Kelchner

  • An open leader's guide to starting digital transformation conversations September 7, 2017
    Every company is now a technology company. We're employing new digital technologies to gather data, to reach our customers, to manage the demands of a global marketplace, and to work more efficiently. All this work requires some element of disruption. And quite often, disrupting our respective industries requires creating new systems and processes. If we […]
  • Sparking change with less pain: An open approach August 3, 2017
    Throughout the last decade, we've been undergoing rapid change in the way we deliver services, conduct our business, share our lives on social media, and use digital technology to engage with one another globally. Let's talk about a short list that is now our norm: digital media consumption, on-demand entertainment, self-driving cars, augmented reality, credit […]
  • Digital transformation's people problem July 27, 2017
    "Digital transformation," while not a new term, is still a burning issue for business leaders. As digital technologies become more sophisticated, as organizations continue to adapt to shifting market needs, and as social trends demand new ways of doing work, we are faced with an ever-increasing need to transform our organization and cultural norms. Arguably, […]
  • Openness is key to working with Gen Z April 13, 2017
    Leaders and managers everywhere collectively groan with the thought of a new cohort to manage. Boomers and Gen Xers typically try to align the new kids on the block with Millennials—which would be a mistake. While Gen Z and Millennials have similarities, their motivators and influencers are vastly different. Each of the differences affects attraction, […]
  • Why I launched a consulting agency on open principles March 9, 2017
    For the vast majority of my career in the corporate world, I felt trapped in an environment that didn't work for me. The rules of that world seemed to contradict my core values—and I wasn't willing to compromise my integrity and core self for someone else to make a dollar. On top of that, I've […]
  • 5 elements for getting teams organized February 7, 2017
    Late last year, I was meeting with a business owner to whom I've been a trusted advisor for some time. After conducting discovery interviews with his core team to understand their recruiting and staffing processes, I suggested that this leader leverage his core team for input on how to staff projects. By seeking his senior […]
  • Proof that openness scales January 12, 2017
    Recently I've had the immense pleasure of discovering Slalom, and I was fascinated to learn how they do open. Aaron Atkins and Shannon Heydt, both working in talent acquisition for Slalom, sat down with me to share challenges related to scalability—and explain how recruiting and talent management play a strong part in shaping company growth. […]
  • Why your teams may be failing at the collaboration game December 6, 2016
    When we think about skills needed to build open structures and establish open mindsets, collaboration jumps to mind immediately. In order to collaborate effectively, communication—or rather, clear communication—is imperative to making it all work. Communication can be defined as a transfer of information from one space or person to another—but it can look like dialogue, […]