The Human Culture Movement Podcast features Jen Kelchner on Open Culture

In this episode, Jared Lafitte interviews Jen Kelchner. Jen is the CEO of LDR21 and co-creator of dragonfli™. She is a thought leader on openness, leadership and change. Jen advises leaders on organization and culture change based on open principles. She is a founding member of the Forbes Coaches Council, member of the Open Organization Ambassador team, contributor to, and evangelist of openness. Her book “Generation Open: building an agile organization, culture and ecosystem” is releasing early 2018.

Connect with Jen on Twitter at @JenKelchner and on LinkedIn at

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#7: “Build don’t buy ” | Talent Trends with Aaron Atkins

Growing in an iterative, agile fashion to  stay on the cutting edge. Talking talent trends today, we look at why internal coaching is vital and.

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#6 : Scaling Without Sacrificing Quality with Aaron Atkins

Changing the game of talent acquisition to meet expectations of the 21st Century Recruiting and hiring – the field of Talent Acquisition – is evolving.

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