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Jen Kelchner

Jen Kelchner

Jen Kelchner is a disruptor and deconstructor who is passionate about building a better world. With a superpower of systems thinking, Jen is able to see the unseen and bring structure to chaos. She asks the right questions and challenges assumptions, reducing resistance to change and empowering people along the way.

As a curious and forward-thinking leader, Jen offers transformative experiences and is a dialogue partner who activates and initiates new ways forward. She uses both fact and intuition to transmute one thing into something entirely new, transforming creative energy into practical expression. Jen is one of the future-shaping leaders in her field, and her work has the power to truly make a difference.

Hello! I'm Jen

I'd be excited to share my expertise with you to build a better future for your organization & impact you have on the world.

Why people choose Jen as a partner:

We input ~20 feedback quotes on our work into ChatGPT and asked for those to be summarized and put into bullet points.

Here are the results of why people choose to partner & collaborate with us.

  • Quickly identifies the most effective approach to problems
  • Ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and actionable way
  • Unique ability to cut through complexity and identify areas for improvement
  • Ability to have wide-ranging conversations that lead to solid outputs
  • Expertise in applying principles of open source projects and movements to drive innovation
  • Inspiring and transformative approach to organizational development
  • Highly recommended for organizations looking to improve their culture and leadership practices
  • Deep understanding of organizational culture and leadership development
  • A pleasure to work with
  • Highly recommended for organizations looking for a partner to help them think through complex challenges and drive positive change

"They have artful interpersonal skills and easily engage with all stakeholders to draw out answers."

Selected Experiences

PMO & Engagement Leadership for matrixed projects:

  • M&A Due Diligence in multi-campus hospital acquisition
  • TSA Reviews
  • Post-Merger Integration 
  • Operational Efficiency 
  • New hospital expansion strategy 
  • Joint Commission compliance projects
  • Joint Commission data integrity projects
  • Project Management 

Project Execution & Experience:

  • Acquisition Confidential Information Memorandums
  • Documentation, Reporting & Presentations
  • Workflow Engineering
  • Trapped & Untapped Value Analysis & Release Engineering

Content Creation & Facilitation:

  • Communications & Business Writing
  • Multi-cultural, cross-functional learning lab
  • Future-Ready Government Conference for LATAM
  • Workplace of the Future Masterclass for European Commission
  • Seamless Government: Anticipating Citizens Needs Workshop Series
  • Future-Ready Government Masterclass for EMEA 
  • & many more trainings developed and facilitated

Leadership & Leadership Development:

  • Executive Coaching
  • PMO & Engagement Leadership
  • Concept Exploration 
  • Dialogue Partner
  • Performance Improvement
  • Forbes Coaches Council founding member

Various tools and diagnostics have been created which are available behind the scenes to clients or are published in the book Mesh.

Open behaviors and Open Index diagnostic

Contribution Tendencies

RBBL – Removing bias, barriers & limitations

PENCIL – understanding the cycles of change

Personal Agency

TUV – Trapped & Untapped Value

Thrivability during chaos – worksheet

Signal Strategy – outreach to customers based on decision making dimensions




Mesh: A human-centric organisational design for a decentralised world. Hamilton & Kelchner. Interchange Publications., 2022 | Online Book Retailers in US, Canada, UK, Europe, & Australia

The Open Organization Leaders Manual, 2nd Edition, Red Hat Inc., 2018 | Print Copy or PDF

The Open Organization Workbook, Red Hat Inc., 2017 | Print Copy or PDF

The Open Organization Maturity Model, The Open Organization, 2017 |  Github

The Open Organization Definition, Red Hat Inc., 2017 | Print Copy 

In The Open [Column],, 2016- | View

Featured in:

HuffPost, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX,, Enterprisers Project,, Linux Today, LXer, Red Hat News, Red Hat Open Innovation Lab blog, The Open Organization,, All Things Open, Red Hat Summit, Open Health News, GovLab, GovLoop, FedScoop, Google Cloud, CTO Universe,, Digital Transformation People, Forbes, Forbes Coaches Councils & Forbes Council Education Channe, International Association of Women, Lausanne Global Workplace Forum

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The Open Organization Ambassador (2017-2022)

The Open Org TV   –  Producer, Editor & Project Maintainer 

The Open Organization Leaders Manual  

The Open Organization Workbook 

The Open Organization Maturity Model

The Open Organization Definition & Characteristics

Open Organization Ambassador & Community Architecture (January 2017 – March 2022)

Forbes Coaches Council, Member (August 2015 – October 2017)

Way of Hope Women’s Shelter, Chair (2012)

People’s Choice Award, (2018)

Emerging Contributor Award, (2017)

Forbes Councils, Invited as Founding Member (2015)

Outstanding Performance Awards, Deloitte, (2006, 2007, 2008)

Jen Kelchner is an engaging thought leader, ardent about revealing hidden work, removing limitations, human behaviors and pioneering the future. She has over 25 years of experience advising teams and senior leadership on performance improvement, architecting future pathways, releasing trapped and untapped value, and developing environments for high performing teams.

During her career at Deloitte and beyond, she has focused on workflow architecture, PMO leadership, M&A integration projects, operational cost opportunity, implementation strategies, concept models, executive coaching and team transformation. 

She has created assessments and practices on open behaviors, removing limitations and on contribution tendencies which includes defining the human-centric components of Mesh; and, co-created the Open characteristics, Open Organization books and resources as well as assisting in architecting the global knowledge community, The Open Organization.

Organizational & Operational Experience

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Ops & People Management
Management Consulting
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Concept Architecture & Workflow
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Open Culture, Orgs, Leadership, Community & Behaviors

Creative Experience

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Communications & Business Writing
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Graphic Design & Formatting
Website Design & Development
Entreprenuerial Business