Collaborating with Red Hat’s Open Innovation Labs in Boston

Building innovative ideas around DevOps Culture


On February 7, 2018, we spent the day with the incredible Open Innovation Labs team in Boston. Collaborating on exercises and change language for moving the needle in DevOps culture to fostering the same mindsets in all team interactions. Partnering together to create new ways to spread #TheOpenOrg culture and building high-performing teams was the highlight of the day.

The Labs team also ran the Open Index, Open Behaviours & change responses through its paces and yielded great feedback for our research team.

What did we learn from this event?

That collaboration and transparency is key to making teams work and understand each other. We appreciate the time of the entire Innovation Labs team and can’t wait to work together again soon!


We take the frustration out of transformation.

Digital transformation done right is inclusive of culture change, operational processes, organizational frameworks, the workplace itself, talent development, and business transformation. Digital transformation relies heavily on organizational culture to be successful and generate value.

We design, implement, and integrate transformation as your collaborative partner by taking the guesswork out of finding where your barriers to change complicate your work from pinpointing the exact areas to directing ways forward that actualize your organization into a vibrant, liberated, human-centric organization today.


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