Conceptualizing future-ready, seamless government, with government CIOs

The International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration (ICA) facilitates the exchange of ideas in central government administration to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of governments at local level. We were invited to deliver workshops to Secretaries of State, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) & senior executives from governments, the UN, OECD, universities & institutes at the 53rd ICA Conference in Bucharest, Romania. We created and ran interactive sessions on Trends & Culture Change, Inclusion: Leaving No-One Behind, Cybersecurity, and The Role of NGOs & Private Sector, collectively conceptualizing digital solutions to these challenges and the opportunities presented by open approaches and open culture for future-ready government.

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Priming for futures

Facilitating discussion


Shaping conversations

Open culture learning experience

Concept creation

Recommendations for policy

Revealing Trapped & Untapped Value (TUV)

Designs for releasing Trapped & Untapped Value (TUV)

Releasing Trapped & Untapped Value (TUV)

100 +
Secretaries of State, CIOs & senior executives from governments, the UN, OECD, universities & institutes participated
days of workshops, conversations and engagements delivered
collectively agreed upon outcomes for future-ready government during collaborative sessions
concept maps generated for reimagining services for youth and aging populations

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