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ATLANTA, GA, February 21, 2017 – LDR21 LLC, located at 3101 Cobb Parkway, Suite 124 in Atlanta, will celebrate its grand opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, March 7 at 3:00PM.

LDR21 [“lee-der twen-tee-wuhn”] is the one of the first consulting to bring the leading edge of management, leadership, and organizational development methodologies to mainstream business by utilizing the principles of Open. They are focused on partnering with business leaders to create sustainable, healthy ecosystems in the workplace – offering services to aid in transitioning to future of work and Open Org systems that attract, engage and retain top talent.

“We are passionate about open mindsets because they create global change. The core principles of transparency, adaptability, collaboration, community and inclusivity are the foundational solutions to solving workplace dysfunction – especially in the multi-generational workplace. Understanding the dimensions of the five generations and pairing them with Open can address the span of people issues organizations face daily.”, says LDR21’s founder, Jen Kelchner.

LDR21 offers a team of specialized organizational experts to solve your most challenging workplace issues. Whether you are seeking to develop your leaders, become more familiar with generational literacy, or develop a culture transformation strategy, #TeamOpen is prepared to partner with you.

To learn more about LDR21, our services and workshops, visit us at www.ldr21.com or contact us at +1 (470) 485-3721.


Founded in 2017, LDR21 LLC was launched after a six-year solo consultancy by a Deloitte alumna that led to forming the agency with like-minded collaborators focused on global workplace change. At the forefront the world’s leading leadership and organizational development space, LDR21 solves workplace and people dysfunction through Open principles and generational literacy. Our founder, Jen Kelchner, is a founding member of the Forbes Coaches Council and contributes monthly to Forbes, Red Hat’s blog OpenSource, and sits on Red Hat’s Open Organization Ambassador team. Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and on the web at www.ldr21.com.

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