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This week we take a look shifting our classrooms and education models. Our special guest, Ben Owens, will be on tap to answer your questions.

How can we shape education in the coming months?

Meet Our Guest

Ben Owens

Ben Owens

Open Way Learning, Co-Fnder

Ed Innovation + Design Strategist + Coach

Ben Owens leads a nonprofit focused on helping school leaders create the cultural conditions to allow learner-centered innovation to thrive. He specializes in helping schools, districts, and networks build the capacity for authentic, localized innovation by applying the core elements of the open source movement: transparency, inclusivity, adaptability, collaboration, and community. This “Open Way Learning” approach allows teams to develop, remix, adapt, and sustain a systemic improvement that can better address the just-in-time needs of every student. When this innovation culture becomes part of a school’s DNA, it allows other powerful teaching & learning approaches (mastery-based learning, project-based learning, maker spaces, design thinking, personalized learning, etc.) to flourish because they are no longer just fads, but are customized from shared ideas, aligned to the school’s mission & vision, and sustained over the long term. 

Open Up, Education!, Author

available from: BooksTroveBokus, & Rowman & Littlefield

Open Way Learning, Co-founder

PBLWorks, National Faculty

Open Organization Ambassador

Meet The Host

Jen Kelchner

Jen Kelchner


I am a creative, a thinker, an analyst, a dot connector, a weaver of communities, a leader, a technologist, an entrepreneur, an innovator, a writer, an international speaker, and a Master of Change who is dedicated to building a better world.  

I intuitively understand the multidimensional transformation process, the technology of people and advise high-level leaders in the private and public sectors from around the world on transformation in leadership and culture.

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