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Our special guest, Grainne Hamilton, will be on tap to answer your questions.

During the pandemic, local groups are sharing ideas for school children; employers are becoming educators now and issuing badges; local councils understand the local skills gaps, and with the development of smart cities we should be able to help connect people to learning, employment, and civic opportunities.


How can we shape education and closing skills gaps through badging and connected cities?


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Meet Our Guest

Grainne Hamilton

Grainne Hamilton

Director, We Are Open Co-Op

I am a specialist in open digital badges, lifelong learning and open leadership and enjoy developing creative solutions to complex challenges. I am a concept architect, facilitator, educator and designer.

I am particularly interested in how technology can fill gaps and help improve people’s lives. Pioneering work includes co-developing the blueprints for Cities of Learning UK; and creating the concept of open badge-based learning pathways to recognise competencies across formal and informal contexts and provide pathways to opportunities, with Mozilla. I am a Director of We Are Open Co-op, a cooperative that works to spread the culture, benefits and processes of open wherever it can.

Recognition and Contribution

Cities of Learning UK named one of the world’s most inspiring education innovations. HundrED, 2019
Founder: Women in Tech, Scotland. Mentorship to a network of over 700 women working in the tech sector in Scotland
Board Membership: Equate Scotland (representing the Tech sector)(former); eAssessment Association (former)
Mozillian: for contribution to development of the Open Badges standard

To learn more about my work, check out my blog

Meet The Host

Jen Kelchner

Jen Kelchner


I am a creative, a thinker, an analyst, a dot connector, a weaver of communities, a leader, a technologist, an entrepreneur, an innovator, a writer, an international speaker, and a Master of Change who is dedicated to building a better world.

I intuitively understand the multidimensional transformation process, the technology of people and advise high-level leaders in the private and public sectors from around the world on transformation in leadership and culture.

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