#1 : Introduction to Open Part I with Bryan Behrenshausen

#1 : Introduction to Open Part I with Bryan Behrenshausen

  • April 10, 2017
  • Jen Kelchner

What exactly is Open?

Bryan Behrenshausen of Red Hat helps us to understand what Open is and it relates to organizational change today. How Red Hat started a global conversation about Open organizations and principles we can implement for business success. Discover the five foundational principles and mindsets of Open – transparency, inclusivity, collaboration, community, and adaptability – examples of companies who are using Open principles; and how to get engaged in the conversation.


Guest: Bryan Behrenshausen

Community Architect & Ambassador for The Open Organization


The conversations we’re having, demonstrate there is a real need to emphasize the fact that these are foundational principles – they’re cultural. They are things that you need to inculcate at a cultural level. – Bryan Behrenshausen

We take the frustration out of transformation.

Digital transformation done right is inclusive of culture change, operational processes, organizational frameworks, the workplace itself, talent development, and business transformation. Digital transformation relies heavily on organizational culture to be successful and generate value.

We design, implement, and integrate transformation as your collaborative partner by taking the guesswork out of finding where your barriers to change complicate your work from pinpointing the exact areas to directing ways forward that actualize your organization into a vibrant, liberated, human-centric organization today.


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