#2 : Introduction to Open Part II with Bryan Behrenshausen of Red Hat

Going Deeper Into Open

In Part 2, Bryan Behrenshausen of Red Hat takes us further into breaking down Open. How Red Hat started a global conversation about Open organizations and principles we can implement for business success. Discover the five foundational principles and mindsets of Open – transparency, inclusivity, collaboration, community, and adaptability – examples of companies who are using Open principles; and how to get engaged in the conversation.


Guest: Bryan Behrenshausen

Community Architect & Ambassador for The Open Organization

If it does not discuss shared vision, it does not allow for voluntary participation, it does not allow for voluntary disbandment, it does not allow for you know certain styles of governance, that does not you know fundamentally rotate around or orbit around a set of shared values or principles, it is just not a community. – Bryan Behrenshausen