#4 : Curating Communities Through Co-Working

Co-Working as an industry

Our guests are leaders in the co-working industry who are seeking to create a new workplace culture through curating communities for collaboration and innovation. Corey Wardell and Chad Kimberlin of Roam in Atlanta, GA help us unpack the shift in the workplace to remote work, why co-working is rapidly expanding, and help us dispel common myths.

Guest: Corey Wardell

General Manager, Roam Galleria, Atlanta, GA

You know, I think community can just get thrown out and becomes a buzz word. But, I think when you put the meat behind it like that it’s actually incredibly valuable and helps a place like Roam make a lot of sense.  – Corey Wardell


Guest: Chad Kimberlin

Director of Operations, Roam, Atlanta, GA

We all want to matter. If you work by yourself, for yourself, or you work for a Fortune 500, the needs of the worker are the same. – Chad Kimberlin