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Kick Start Your Change

We create experiences for engagement and understanding that empower people to engage change.  Immersive event learning sessions are for understanding change languages, needs and contributions to address widespread change.

It is our way of sparking the change in your people, teams, leaders and culture through interactive, collaborative and community building sessions.  The content may be delivered in various formats based on your needs.  The result will be the same – informed, engaged people doing better together.

Why Immersive Events

People need to be included and empowered to manage their local change. And, to contribute that positively to the whole of the ecosystem.

By leveraging an  interactive approach –  over being “talked to” –  creates a hands-on, engaged learning environment so they leave with actionable information to apply. When paired with our dragonfli Agility Suite, you will catalyze people into participation with the change rather than resistance.

dragonfli Agility Suite

Trending Topics

The rules have changed. We are living in a hyper speed of innovation that has no intention of slowing down. This session can be targeted to either the disruption dependent or the change affected.

Audience: Managers and Executive Leadership

Digital Transformation + Culture Change seems to be all we hear about. Yet we need to address the transformation calling to us beyond what is digital and innovative.

Audience: All Levels

Understanding how your customers speak during change and the language that resonates with their culture, will lead to you building the right solutions with reduced friction.

Audience: Sales, Project Teams, Developers, Leaders

DevOps and Open Source processes to solution development work. It creates agility and innovation. As people, there are skills required to move beyond the processes of development to engage and be collaborative.

Audience: All Levels

We unpack the change languages, how they affect team effectiveness, and the impact they have on an organization.

Audience: All Levels, Teams, Leadership

This is specifically geared towards those in Mergers, Acquisitions or Spinouts to help with the cultural shifts and create a way forward.

Audience: All Levels

Powerful Sessions

Ready for Anything: The Basics of Change Readiness

Change Ready Leadership In The Face of Disruption

Change Ready Teams In The Face of Disruption

Humanizing Change: Remembering What’s Important When Things Turn Upside-Down

What Now? Building An Agile Career Plan

Becoming Culture Fluent: Sensing Your Company’s Culture and Speaking It Fluently

Coaching Through Change

Assessing Cultural Fit

Leader Health In Times of Disruption

The Future is Agile: Preparing Your Business To Remain Relevant

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