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Announce your kick-off to the program with provided materials

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Leadership is based on self-knowledge, listening, observation and communication skills. And leading in this modern era of disruption,  requires a foundation on open values and principles. We explore both the mindware of leadership and cultures of connection.

We address management and leadership essentials throughout the content to ensure you are gaining the most from your group experience. Leading in the emerging future through disruption, speed of innovation and with the ability to shape cultures for social, personal and business change will require an entirely new skill set.

Content Delivery
  • Weekly inbox messages
  • Six multimedia content modules
  • Bi-weekly live group sessions, dial-in or video
  • Private messaging channel
  • Community content & forum
We also provide content and insight for new leaders on critical fundamental skills for effective management. A few of those topics might look like:

  • Appropriate relationships with direct and indirect reports
  • Guiding reports on their career path
  • Goal setting and feedback
  • Performance issues


Leading Self

Core value: Self-Knowledge & Recoding Your Mindware

Topics include: Mindware Programming, your meta self-guiding infrastructure, what is driving your behaviors and thoughts, identifying your core strengths, interdependency, personal currency, leadership styles, and more…

Leading Change

Core value: Adaptability

Topics include: Mindware of beliefs, attitudes and decision making, shifting perspective, decision making tools, mapping, vision setting, and more…

Leading Openly

Core value: Transparency

Topics include: Mindware of language and presenting information to others, effective communication, barriers, silos, authenticity and human experience…

Leading Collaboratively

Core value: Collaboration and empathy

Topics include: Examining personal differences, doing our best work, building benchmark teams, assuming positive intent, devaluation through comparison, and more….

Leading Inclusive Groups

Core value: Inclusivity and diversity

Topics include: Cultures of connection, generational insights, open discourse, diversity of thought, team fit, creating trusted space, and more…

Leading Community

Core value: Community

Topics include: Creating common language and vision, creating buy-in, championing others, removing barriers to serve, and more…

Sample Content
We deliver our content in various multimedia formats including:

  • printable and downloadable content
  • audio, video and written content
  • video conference sessions; recorded

Listen to an audio sample 


Leaders are developers, team builders, vision casters, culture caretakers, roadblock removers, inspirers. They enable the success of others and unleash safe space for growth and great ideas.

It is not about position, or title,  it is more about passion and making a difference. It is who you are and an attitude you express daily no matter where you are or what you’re doing.


Managers have a role to play in the operation of a team of people towards meeting a set of goals. They have a responsibility to hold people accountable for doing something. It is the  job of shepherding others towards the end goal.

The responsibility of management is to your bottom line and meeting customer expectations.

The responsibility of leadership is to your team and people you work with every day. 

The support and guidance I’ve received from Jen over the years has been truly priceless. I’ve learned that life isn’t about comparing yourself to others. It’s about becoming the best version of yourself. I’ve grown immensely in my career and personal life due to the daily, weekly, and monthly inspiration that Jen offers. The greatest skill I’ve obtained is visionary thinking which has paved the way to always reaching higher than anyone expects me to. I owe all of my growth and experiences to Jen and her coaching/mentoring. Ryan Seematter

IT Consultant & New-Hire Mentor

These programs should be called “Transformation School”! Angela Braach

Entrepreneur - Real Estate

I found Jen’s style to be stirring and provocative. Derek H.


Jen is an advisor who has the ability to discern the schematics of a situation and give you basic coaching principles on approach, dealing with difficult situations and how to reach the end result. She presents a unique perspective and can guide you in the direction needed to accomplish a specific goal in the most positive manner. Ursula Blakely

Supervisor, Deloitte


Leading in innovation, and adapting to the speed of it, requires open values and methodologies. By leveraging the principles of transparency, collaboration, inclusivity, adaptability and community, you unleash the intelligence of your teams – and increase competitive edge.

You can no longer maintain, let alone thrive, with old ways.

We are experts and thought leaders on open organization values, principles, and behaviors.

We can support your Open Initiatives by educating your teams and leaders on open organization principles. This will increase your success rates on your initiatives and reduce the friction that comes with change.

We are the people side of digital transformation and Industry 4.0.

Jen Kelchner

Change Guru

I bring deep, intuitive insight to every conversation.


We are building a community of people through EVOLVE who want to be effective and productive change makers in the world around them.

Over the next few months, we will be releasing a community that offers content and places to interact with other likeminded leaders.

Now, more than ever, we need people to stand up and take the lead in shaping a positive, open world through business.

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