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Policing Free Speech

October 15, 2020 | 4:00 PM

Virtual Panel brought to you by EdNC

Free speech is obviously guaranteed by the First Amendment, but does that safeguard extend into schools and government? Are there legal and ethical limitations on the rights of teachers, students, administrators, and policymakers to speak and think freely in their work as public servants? If so, who decides what those boundaries might be and are they consistent across North Carolina? Moreover, what intrinsic value does the free, transparent, and open exchange of ideas and information provide organizations — both public and private — that face the challenges of a rapidly changing world? These are the types of questions that will be discussed as part of EdNC’s virtual panel on the policing of language in education and beyond.


Moderator: Ben Owens, Co-founder, Open Way Learning

Katie Cornetto, Partner, Schwartz & Shaw PLLC
Eric Cunningham, Superintendent, Halifax County Schools
Robert Joyce, Charles Edwin Hinsdale Professor of Public Law and Government, UNC School of Government
Jen Kelchner, CEO, LDR21


The role of open source in the future of learning technology

November 17, 2020 | 6:00 PM GMT

LearnTech Meetup brought to you by LearnerShape and Mindstream AI

LearnerShape and Mindstream AI have founded the LearnTech meet-up community to consider the changes, opportunities and issues for the technological transformation of lifelong learning.

Our first meet-up will be about the role of open source software in the future of learning technology. It will include the launch of LearnerShape’s new open source project for organisational reskilling using AI, presentations by experts on open source and education, and an opportunity for community members to ask questions.

Speakers include Paul Dowling (CEO of Mindstream AI), Maury Shenk (CEO of LearnerShape), Jen Kelchner (Founder of LDR21) and Mark Molenaar (Owner at apenutmize).


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