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LDR21 & Red Hat present on Open Culture in Plano, TX | October 24, 2017

Red Hat and LDR21 will be presenting a half-day event to Red Hat clients at their Plano, TX office on October 24, 2017, with a focus on open culture as it relates to innovation and continuous improvement environments.

During the event we will look at how the culture of DevOps can be seamless applied through all environments across the enterprise in a manner that increases efficiency and modernizes application development.

We are honored to partner in this event with Red Hat to provide exceptional insight into how culture change can impact their innovation and organization as well. Openness truly releases the intelligence of people and creates adaptable people.Jen Kelchner, CEO of LDR21

MaryJo Burchard, PhD, Chief Innovation & Culture Officer for LDR21, will be presenting “Unleashing agility and innovation through an Open culture”. 


Registration for event can be found here.





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