Open Leadership Panel at Red Hat Summit 2022

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We are pleased to announce that Jen Kelchner, has been invited to speak at this year’s Red Hat Summit.  In our in-person interactive session, we will be focusing on what blocks open culture and how open culture and emerging technologies can open up new ways of working and collaborating based on transparency, trust and community

The Red Hat Summit is a premier open source event with opportunities to participate virtually or in-person (invitation only) to turn knowledge into action to shape the future of open source together. Register for virtual access.

Ask the Experts Live

Open leadership in an open organization

Jen Kelchner will be speaking to topics such as open organizations, leadership and culture alongside Red Hat culture expert, Shabnoor Shah.

Interactive Session

What blocks open culture

There are numerous global challenges that compel consideration of how to improve on existing legacy models and create more humanised and trusted approaches. Openness, open cultures and emerging technologies can open up new ways of working and collaborating based on transparency, trust and community. In this session, using data collected from CIOs, heads of sectors, and other strategic roles, you’ll hear perspectives on what blocks open culture and use of open source, and what can be done to increase uptake.

Specifically, we’ll look at:

  • The inhibitors to open culture in organizations
  • The sustainability of open source
  • What the future of open culture could look like
  • Recommendations for releasing the value hidden in your organization

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