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Announcing the 2018 Opensource.com Community People’s Choice Award

Every year, Opensource.com awards people from the community who have excelled in contributing and sharing stories with our readers. These stories reflect how we use open source in our everyday lives, how it helps us build a better future with open technology, and how openness is changing the world.

The call went out for votes from January 22-31, 2018 that included amazing talent from the DevOps side of the community and our own Jen Kelchner.

Jen won one of the People’s Choice for her 2017 contributions to the community which included articles on the people side of digital transformation, working with Gen Z, and contribution as an Open Org Ambassador. Last year the community awarded Jen as an Emerging Contributor.

The Open Org Ambassador team during 2017 released the Open Org Definition, Open Org Maturity Model, and the Open Org Workbook. You can download all of these resources at Opensource.com.

See the full list of 2018 Community Award winners.

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