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We help you weave your ideal, sustainable future.


Award-Winning | Pioneers | Activators


sustainable change

We are masters of transformation and empower swift shifts with surgical precision.


the liminal spaces

We are anchored in the future and bridge the old to the new while honoring your legacy.


ideal futures

We co-create ideal states of being that are open, empowered, and equitable for all.

At LDR21, we do things differently.


Rhizomatic Approach

Our strategy + transformation practices are multidimensional for sustainable change.


Integrity + Credibility

Our reputation is built on doing what is right and for the highest good; always with integrity. 


Heart of Connection

Our essence is the heart of connection, be it relationships or weaving the stars to bring the micro and macrocosm together.


Empowered Learning

Our unique approach is expert-led, experiential learning, real-time problem solving, alchemic, and activating for fast yet sustainable growth.


Catalyze Conversations

We bring deep insights to forge engagement and foster communities of trust and entire ecosystems.


Distilled + Simplified

We use advanced concepts and thinking in a simple way that anyone can understand. 

“Our world is in a season of deconstruction. And, is in need of visionary leaders to shape the new with integrity. This liminal time is full of creation energy to direct toward building a more ideal future state.”

Jen Kelchner

Founder, LDR21

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"Thank you for your contribution and excellent work on our workshops!"

Toshiyuki Zamma, ICA International Council

"This [lab] was the single most impactful and practical moment of the entire Global Workplace Forum!"

Alex Svetkov, Bulgaria

"I've met few people who understand 'open' as thoroughly and intuitively as Jen does. I've met even fewer who can write about it as effectively or argue for it as passionately and convincingly."

Dr. Bryan Behrenshausen, Red Hat


"The Learning Lab was a huge success for disability concerns! I plan on using what I learned to shape our national leadership meeting at the Red Cross!"

Dave Deuel, Red Cross

"Jen is a very bright and engaging person. Brainstorming sessions with her were great experiences…highly recommended. She is a breath of fresh air to any organization wishing to transform itself."

David Bitton, iQTEK


"Her generosity of time consulting with our leaders was incredible! A huge thanks to Jen Kelchner and her innovative brain to craft this [learning lab] experience for our participants, training and executing a huge part of the program each afternoon."

Ann Chow, Director of GWF

Learning Replays

Changing perspectives during crisis | Live Q+A

Changing perspectives during crisis | Live Q+A

Our world is in crisis but we have the control to create something better moving forward – join Jen Kelchner (founder of LDR21) for weekly live Q+A’s for businesses, leaders or anyone who is ready to move the world forward during difficult times. Each week we will have a theme but it all will revolve around your questions!!

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