Latin America Public Sector

Future-priming Latin American public sector for open source tech

The public sector in Latin American (LATAM) countries are one of the highest growth areas globally for tech development. We were invited to provide a learning experience that would reach the public sector across Latin America, focusing on the optimal cultural conditions for developing and deploying open source tech at scale. We delivered a 2-day online conference, with live translation in 3 different languages, on the subject of open culture, encompassing theory, implementation, and case studies from a range of organisations. Media-rich micro-lessons, case studies and conference Q&A session recordings were also made available in a white-labeled space on the Interchange platform.


Online conference


Open culture learning experience

Priming for futures

Interchange platform membership (white label)

Curated learning programme

Micro-lessons (on-demand)

Implementation tools (on-demand)

Case studies (on-demand)

languages presented in the live remote delivery
LATAM countries represented in the conference
public sector leaders from LATAM engaged
micro-lessons, videos, case studies & Q&A panel sessions accessible on demand in Interchange platform white-labeled space