Reducing time to market through cross-organisational collaboration

Microsoft is one of the most recognisable names in computing, globally. We were asked to help the Microsoft Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs team with collaboration and trust. We ran a highly participatory workshop on Leveraging Open Collaboration to Fuel Sustainable Growth, focusing on the idea that “we” is better than “me” and how to balance teams with contribution archetypes. Topics covered included how to empower psychological safety, open behaviours and how each individual offers a unique contribution value. Participants commented how implementing the ideas could help reduce resistance to cross-collaborative efforts and decrease time to market.



Collaborative learning masterclasses

Remote delivery

Concept exploration

Open culture learning experience

30 +
team participants in live session
15 +
questions raised
clear call-to-actions identified by participants
1 st
consideration of value of balancing contribution archetypes by the team