Learning Lab

3-Day Bespoke Event

Designing, building and executing a proof of concept lab for a cross-cultural, ecosystem-wide event at a historic Global Workplace Forum.


The Project

Cross-Cultural Learning Lab

June 2019 | Manila, Philippines

Audience: Non-Profit, NGO, Private Sector, Social Innovators

Audience Level: Marketplace leaders, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Missional Leaders


The Ask

To create and execute the very first Learning Lab for this global community that would span cultures, industries, and verticals.

Account for specific scheduling and space constraints onsite that could not be altered.

Account for determining who would attend out of the 850 Forum attendees.

Account for a variety of issues to be worked on and ability to leave with tangible outcomes at end of session.

Account for over 90% of attendees not being exposed to collaborative or inclusive culture and work environments.


Main goals achieved:

  • Introduced collaborative problem-solving with cross-cultural teams
  • Used learning communities that are practical and educational to launch impact initiatives around the world through empowered influencers
  • Provided an engaging learning event with real-time problem solving included


What we did

In the four-month lead-up to the event, we began to prepare those who would lead a lab table with a specific issue.

To support this massive change across the ecosystem, while educating people on collaboration and inclusion in real-time, we provided the following:

  • ZCommunications
  • ZVirtual labs training for table leaders
  • ZOpen Office sessions for Q&A
  • ZVirtual sessions for power-ups
  • ZConsultations with table leaders on discovery and setting intention for their labs
  • ZSlack Channel for collaborative efforts across the ecosystem
  • ZOpen Resource website for accessing information pre-event
  • ZBusiness Coaches for instructional moments
  • ZPresentations
  • ZAll resources and lab exercises
  • ZBuilding a Better World seminar
  • Z45-page Lab Toolkit for post-event

“Huge thanks to Jen Kelchner and her innovative brain to craft this experience for our participants, training and executing a huge part of the program each afternoon. Her generosity of time consulting with our catalysts and hosting a virtual cafe for participants before arriving in Manila and running this onsite was incredible.”

Ann Chow

GWF Director

countries represented

onsite participants

labs conducted

achieved / exceed outcomes

workplace issues addressed

case studies published

Mental Health + Trauma

Discovery and ideation discussions on how to promote mentally healthy, productive employees and a safe workplace environment for them to flourish within.

Community Planting

Conducted a barrier wall session to source both quantitative and qualitative data for planting missional communities in the workplace as well as a list of best practices.

Economic Development

Scaling business model for revitalizing underutilized space for the common good of a community. [Link2Lift]


Human-centered design mapping session to look at helping people lead healthy, whole lives for people to live their full callings while in the workplace.

Intentional communities

Developed a sustainable business model for inviting people to live their passion and life journey as an adventure alongside the community. [Blue Thread Life]

Generosity Models

Changing behavioral culture related to generosity with a sustainable business model to encompass education, financial accountability, and community giving. [NABLA Initiative]

Community Collaboration

Created an action plan based on a core strategic, collaborative initiative sourced through an ideation session.

Displaced Peoples

Ideation session on how to train and launch migrant workers around the world based on the needs and regions they reside in.

Media Engagement

Discovery session on creating a more responsible approach to media distribution and engagement.


Ideation session on how to intentionally create technology to serve humanity from a missional mindset.

Talent Recruitment + Placement

Disrupting missions with a sustainable platform model to engage and equip talent, and place marketplace professionals abroad. [ScatterGlobal]


A deep-dive, discovery discussion into barriers of entry for those with disabilities in leadership and the workplace. A whitepaper draft was written while in the collaborative session.


Ideation session on how best to leverage storytelling in the workplace to improve relationships and business growth through vulnerability and transparency.

Equipping Leaders

A CEO-led mapping session on how to best engage and equip marketplace leaders to serve and lead in a more missional manner.

Higher Education

Ideation and strategy session for a new executive MBA course model. [Bakke University]

Creative Arts

A discovery session on how to engage and mobilize creatives across the globe in the workplace and the practices to put in place to do this with intention.

From the event

This was the single most impactful (and practical) moment of the entire GWF!

Alex Svetkov


The Learning Lab was a huge success for Disability Concerns!

Dave Deuel


This was quite possibly the most significant aspect of the Forum!

Michael Soderling


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