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Open Practice Library

For those engineering technology solutions, the Open Practice Library from the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs may yield promising results for you!

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Liberating Structures

Build inclusivity and get better results!

Liberating Structures App is on iOS and Android will a robust library of collaborative exercises to fit your needs. They also use a Creative Commons license to keep things open.

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Creative Commons License Use

Learn about the various open licenses you can use in your own work and how you can use the resources on this page in articles, presentations or your own work.

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good reads from around the world

We need a reskilling revolution. Here's how to make it happen

As the world faces the transformative economic, social and environmental challenges of Globalization 4.0, it has never been more important to invest in people.

Valuing human capital not only serves to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to respond to systemic shifts, it also empowers them to take part in creating a more equal, inclusive and sustainable world.

These are the 10 most in-demand skills of 2019

According to analysis from networking site LinkedIn, 2019’s employers are looking for a combination of both hard and soft skills, with creativity topping the list of desired attributes. 

Talent, not technology, is the key to success in a digital future

When it comes to translating technological innovations into real business results, technology is relatively easy to come by; it is talent that is often the limiting factor.

Companies have to simultaneously fill today’s roles and plan for future ones, most of them non-existent at the moment. 

A Government Leadership Guide to Culture Change

Government leaders are expected to promote efficiency and innovation, hire and retain top talent, and launch effective IT initiatives. Key to these goals is adopting an open and agile culture in government agencies. By taking some initial steps—getting a handle on what culture is, how it is formed, and how to guide it in new directions—leaders can begin the process of changing their cultures for the better. Download this e-book to learn more.

Are you ready to navigate your possible, probable & preferred futures?

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