The Alchemic Advantage

a powerful approach to rapid transformation

activating the latent power within

our pioneering approach

The Alchemic Activation

our adaptive approach to changing thinking, conscious connection + creating wide roads for growth

A Multidimensional Change Method

our original approach to the five phases of change and the four actors for integrated transformation

The Language of Change

we leverage our research on change to understand your interaction with change and how-to build bridges with others during shifts

Activating Leaders

We work with visible leaders + world shapers around the globe who are actively seeking to build a better world.

Jen Kelchner, The Alchemist, global expert and authority in leadership, transformation practices, and open behaviors has taken the last decade of pioneering work and combined it with a fresh approach for the new paradigm.  Drawing on deep insight and diverse areas of knowledge, Jen weaves disparate information and distills it into helping LDRS in the now moment.

It is more than empowerment. It is activation into leading from your whole self and shaping the world around you. Inspiration and practical insight to break out of the old system, navigate the liminal spaces, and create ideal futures on the way.

Activating Organizations + Communities

consciously co-creating ideal futures using a comprehensive approach that activates systemic change

Together with our collaborative partner, Ardcairn, we offer Executive + Organizational immersive learning programs that spark the latent power for growth.

Masterclasses + Communities of Trust

We offer intensive, peer-powered learning for organization and public sector agency executives using a structured, scaffolded approach for engagement and deep learning.

Currently delivering Future Ready Government: Through the Lens of Open Prinicples as a 6-session immersive for Federal level government technologists in Latin America, Europe, and Australia in Q2-Q3 2021.

Ask us about our white label events

Successful pilot in 2020 | Foundations in Open

Delivered for Red Hat EMEA Public Sector, we co-created and facilitated a highly successful Masterclass for public sector technologists in Ireland, UK, Germany, and Sweden.

In 2021, we are delivering this pilot work through a 6-Week live webinar series for Europe, and conducting three new Masterclasses focused on Future Ready Government for Latin America, Europe, and Australia.

Interested in your own White Label Event?

Whether you’d like to host an internal, or an external white label program offering, start by scheduling a call with us!

Are you ready to activate for growth?

Whether you are an emerging leader, senior executive, or an influential organization, stepping into the liminal spaces to create and transform requires a conscious choice.

You are aware the world around you is deconstructing and needs conscious leaders to reconstruct in a better way.

You are ready for swift, radical change and creating a more sustainable equitable world.

You need to see the unseen so that you make the most strategic shifts to create wide roads for growth.

You are a visionary leader with the influence to make decisions on business, policy, systems or culture shaping.

Are you ready to alchemize your obstacles and create wide roads for growth?

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