Transforming the Way

We Live + Work

LDR21 takes a holistic, unified approach to transformation efforts. We are guided by open principles and methods, which leads to an optimized and sustainable outcome.

Transformation Platform

In the coming months, we will be releasing a Learning + Coaching Platform for Visionary Leaders to access our transformative courses and content.

Why We Are Different

Every Service

Experience Includes

Deep Insights

We bring you all of our combined experience and deep understanding of human behavior and the interaction with change to help you in making informed, meaningful decisions.

Experiential Learning

Our work sessions are conducted like innovation labs where we use immersive, collaborative exercises and tools to solve problems which leads to culture change.

Unified Approach

Taking a holistic approach to solving problems leads to an optimized and sustainable solution with engaged and empowered stakeholders.

Centralized Effort

Our team provides leadership to create a centralized effort amongst decentralized teams.

Applied Empathy

Truly sustainable solutions must come from understanding human engagement first. This is why we architect our interactions and solutions through the lens of applied empathy and compassion.

Open Values

As evangelists of the open source way, we infuse open values and methods into all that we do. We lead with adaptability, inclusivity, collaboration, transparency, and community first and foremost.

Ideal Futures

We never bring judgment to the table on where or who you’ve been until now. Rather, we partner to help you create your ideal future for who you want to be and where you want to go.

Reducing Friction

We communicate and educate in ways that reduce friction between peoples and ways of thinking – making your transformation unified and smooth.


Our approach is the same no matter the project size which allows us to scale to your needs and customize our efforts.


Our approach leaves your people with new ways of thinking and working so that they carry on transformation efforts on their own. 

“Thank you for your contribution and excellent work on our workshops!”

Toshiyuki Zamma, ICA International Council

“The learning lab was a huge success for disability concerns! I plan on using what I learned to shape our national leadership meeting at the Red Cross!”

Dave Deuel, Red Cross 

“I’ve met few people who understand open as intuitively as Jen does.”

Dr. Bryan Behrenshausen, Red Hat

Huge thanks to Jen Kelchner and her innovative brain to craft this experience for our participants, training and executing a huge part of our program each afternoon.

Ann Chow, GWF Director

Are you ready to alchemize your obstacles and create wide roads for growth?

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