Bringing a fresh approach to learning and leadership development in 2019! We are excited to unveil EVOLVE Labs – for leadership, culture, change, and innovation to meet the demands of our emerging future. Each lab is specialized and hands-on culminating in a roadmap to your transformation.

Communities of Practice (collective learning) has an anticipated launch of June 2019 for continual improvement, understanding, and support.



We create experiences that empower people to embrace change. Immersive event learning sessions will unlock the secrets of change languages to address widespread change.

We’ll equip your teams and leaders through interactive and collaborative community building sessions. The result will be the same – informed, engaged people working better together for the long haul.

When you unleash the innovative and collaborative spirit within your team, they have the power to propel your company to the top.



People need to be included and empowered to manage their local change and contribute that positively to the whole of the ecosystem. In an ideal world, this attitude of change-readiness doesn’t just apply to one situation. It’s a change-ready attitude that sticks.

Live Lab

We bring Change Lab to your off-site event for 2, 3 or 5 days for maximum impact to launch wide scale change in your organization.

Core Tracks

Change Lab focuses on Leadership and Culture transformation to meet demands of Industry 4.0. We focus on the core tenants of openness – adaptability, transparency, collaboration, inclusivity, and being community driven.

Trending Topics

The Rules of Engagement for Disruption
Transformation Beyond the Digital
Open Organization Foundations
Adapting To The New Normal
Hiring For True Culture Fit & Retention
Positive Intent & Environments of Trust
Leadership Essentials for Managers & Project Leaders

Going Open?
We have sessions that help you become an Open Organization.

Open Leadership
Addressing the Frozen Middle (Management)
Open Organization design
Open Culture
Open Principles & Values
Building Open Communities

Kickstart Transformation

Don’t wait. The speed of innovation is increasing.

Let’s get your teams engaging with change today.

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We have recently spoken at:

Duke University

Berry College

All Things Open

Red Hat Summit

#OpenFirstDC with Red Hat & Intel

Powerful Sessions

Change Ready Leadership In The Face of Disruption

Change Ready Teams In The Face of Disruption

Human 4.0: Upgrading to meet the demands of Industry 4.0

Coaching Through Change

Assessing Cultural Fit

Leader Health In Times of Disruption

The Future is Agile: Preparing Your Business To Remain Relevant

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