It’s time to step beyond the digital in order to succeed in the rapid state of innovation we’re all experiencing. It’s time, that is, to change the way we think about the value of the people in our organizational ecosystems by empowering them to rapidly respond to this change—and by providing the necessary skills and tools for becoming fluent in the critical task of engaging with change.

We offer Executive Coaching and Team Development services as the next level extension after a Change Lab.



The standard, known approach to consulting services doesn’t work with the rapid state of change we are in today.  Processes, planning, methods – do not work. 

Our approach is to build your leaders internally to manage the speed of innovation and to build others within your ecosystem. 

Imagine what you could do with a team of rapid responders at the ready to manage daily pivots.

As a former Fortune 100 employee, I have been through a lot of training. Jen’s is so well put together, so professional, so crisp and well organized and delivered. Her value is awesome!

Karen Altwein

Sr. Consultant

The support and guidance I’ve received from Jen over the years has been truly priceless. I’ve learned that life isn’t about comparing yourself to others. It’s about becoming the best version of yourself. I’ve grown immensely in my career and personal life due to the daily, weekly, and monthly inspiration that Jen offers. The greatest skill I’ve obtained is visionary thinking which has paved the way to always reaching higher than anyone expects me to. I owe all of my growth and experiences to Jen and her coaching/mentoring.

Ryan Seematter

IT Consultant


Leadership Development

6-Month Leadership Development Training


  • 60-minute weekly executive coaching sessions (up to 5 leaders)
  • 90-minute bi-weekly Group Trainings (up to 3 groups / 15 leaders per group)
  • Travel for 2-day immersive + 1 onsite visit during 6 months included in rate
Org Wide Change Packages
  • 2-5 Day Change Lab
  • Executive 1:1 leadership coaching
  • Training and events
  • Premium content & materials
  • Travel included (quarterly onsite visits)

6-Month Package: up to 1100 Hours 

12-Month Package: up to 2200 hours

Mastermind Groups

6-Month Executive Program

  • Small group Executive coaching for like-minded leaders 
  • 1:1 bi-weekly (60 min) sessions
  • Group bi-weekly (2 hour) sessions
  • Premium Content
  • Daily skill & motivation personalized message
  • All sessions are virtual 
  • Must be director level or higher; business owner/entrepreneur 

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Executive Coaching

Have a few select Executives that you’d like to receive 1:1 or group coaching? 

We can break that out for you in a way that meets your needs.

By The Day

If you’re unsure what you need yet, but would appreciate a few days of advisory services – we can do that, too.

  • Brainstorm & Discovery Sessions
  • Facilitation
  • Executive Meetings


There are so many ways to approach the topic of culture change. What sets our program apart?

We think about change from a holistic, empathetic viewpoint. That means we don’t just talk about how to robotically relay your mission and values to your team, but also how to increase transparency so your team feels free to bring their concerns to the table.

Every team is unique, so you’ll experience an event that’s tailored to your needs. 

Thank you for giving us the language to process change!  We learned SO much about ourselves and our team dynamic. And, had practical takeaways!


Carlo Serrano

Non-Profit Leader & Consultant

Powerful Sessions

Aligning Mission, Vision & Values

Defining Culture | Who do we want to be

Governance | Your new guardrails

Meritocracy | Setting framework & definitions

Designing your Open Org | Hierarchies to Decentralized

Workplace & Talent Management

Leadership Essentials

Open Communication






New rules of engagement | Speed of Innovation

Decision Making frameworks

Positive Intent & Trust

Decisive Leadership

Feedback & Feedback Loops

Understanding a Multi-generational Workforce

Culture of Learning & Diversity of Thought

Hiring for true Culture Fit & Retention

Mindset & Reframing Situations

Organizational History Mapping

Developing and Empowering Individuals and Teams

Boundaries, Self-Compassion, and Self-Care

Authenticity and Genuine Engagement

Leading in Times of Resistance, Grief, and Fear

Rebound: Helping Teams Recover from Devastation

Culture-Shaping in Mergers, Spinouts, and ReStructures

Digital Transformation & It's People Problem

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