the now age

Assimilating multiple intelligences allows us to draw on diverse fragments of knowledge to drive, inform and shape leaders and organizations activating multidimensional sustainable growth

Our Mission

To activate highly visible influencers and leaders to co-create a new world that is open, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable.

Using our advanced practices and expertise, we shape new ways of living, leading, and building systems consciously and with integrity.

We believe in aligning with what is right for us as we learn through experience.

We believe people should live abundant, full lives… empowered to live and work without barriers and limitations.

We believe that change is personal and everyone has a role to play during transformation.

We believe in acting with integrity and empathy by doing the right thing, always.

We believe in openness in all interactions through adaptability, inclusivity, collaboration, transparency, and community.

We believe in being kind and leading with compassion.

We believe that we are all connected and interdependent on the other and therefore value people and their contributions.

We believe that we all have a seat at the table.

We activate leaders to shape thinking and futures through immersive learning experiences.


Using rhizomatic approaches in understanding the interconnectedness of behaviors, beliefs, thought structures and frameworks

Distilled + Simplified

We use advanced concepts and thinking in a simple way that anyone can understand.

Integrity + Credibility

Our reputation is built on doing what is right and for the highest good; always with integrity first

Empowered Learning

Our unique approach is expert-led, experiential learning, real-time problem solving, alchemic, and activating for swift sustainable growth

Catalyzing Conversations

We bring deep insights to forge engagement and foster communities of trust across ecosystems

Fostering Trust

We understand the sacred process of liminal spaces that forges trust and community towards common goals

learning mixologists

Jen Kelchner

Founder, LDR21

who is jen kelchner alchemist + pioneer

As a mind alchemist, Jen has created pioneering adaptive schemas weaving cognitive psychology, practical experience and diverse theories into an applied language of change for optimized and sustainable transformation.  As the founder of LDR21, she drives the conversation with high-level leaders, balancing contrasting and unusual influences together and connecting the nucleus of ideas to create wide roads for growth.

Her gift to see the unseen and create bridges into the future allows her to assist others in navigating the uncharted and uncertain waters in a rapidly changing world. Jen partners high-level leaders in the private and public sectors around the world on leadership and culture allowing her to be an integral part of creating communities of trust that are more human centric. 

Pioneer in: Adaptive Schemas, Cognitive Psychology, Open Org Culture, Open Leadership, Open Behaviors, the Language of Change, Multidimensional processes + change practices, rapid transformation

meet our partner

Based in Glasgow, Scotland

Award-Winning Concept + Learning Pioneer

LDR21 + Ardcairn

A collaborative service offering for organizations

We have partnered with Ardcairn to provide organizational-level service offerings that focus on leadership, culture and systems.  Our work together over the last couple of years has produced incredible insights and rapid shifts with global reach leaders. 

In a post-pandemic and still emerging new paradigm, a partnership of our pioneering work allows us to serve our global clients with a more strategic focus.

Gráinne Hamilton

Founder, Ardcairn

who is gráinne hamilton explorer + designer

As a concept architect Gráinne has contributed source material to blueprints and prototypes that have revolutionised how we reveal and cultivate people’s potential, stimulate growth and create sustainable cultures. As the founder of Ardcairn, she works with leaders in the private and public sectors around the world to broaden their horizons about sustainability, to chart pathways towards sustainable futures, and to activate multidimensional sustainable growth. Her ability to shapeshift between multiple perspectives, to see the lay of the land and to dive into the seed of an idea, allows her to connect the dots and create multidimensional solutions.

She assimilates diverse knowledge and weaves together multiple intelligences, creating bridges to help others navigate ambiguity and a changing world. She partners with leaders and changemakers to light the beacons, to build the cairns and guide the way towards better futures.

Contributing concept architect and author of blueprints and prototypes for the groundbreaking global open recognition standard, Open Badges, award-winning Cities of Learning UK, and an early eco-business. Honourary Mozillian. Invited expert to / featured in the European Commission’s JRC Science for Policy Report: Opening Up Education; the UK Government’s: Good Work, The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices; the IMS Digital Credentialing Initiative; Mozilla’s 21st Century Skills Assessment Guidelines; the EU JRC Science Hub; Planet 4; Jisc; the PASCAL International Observatory; and on the Mozilla Monument.

Pioneer in: Concept architecture, Open Culture, Open Standards, Open Badges, Open Education, Lifelong Learning, sustainable principles and practices

Are you ready to alchemize your obstacles and create wide roads for growth?

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