About LDR21

Pioneering futures with open and the psychology of change. 

In January 2021, LDR21 formed a partnership with Ardcairn to combine decades of research and practical experience to form transformational methodologies and experiences for our clients. Through this partnership, Interchange was launched to help create future-ready organizations.

We show leaders how they can identify the conditions for rapid innovation, resilience and sustainable growth.

We help leaders to see their true impact on the world, and to imagine a new future that connects more readily with the needs of their people.

Who We Are


Our Mission

To activate highly visible influencers and leaders to co-create a new world that is open, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable.

Using our advanced practices and expertise, we shape new ways of living, leading, and building systems consciously and with integrity.

We believe in aligning with what is right for us as we learn through experience.

We believe people should live abundant, full lives… empowered to live and work without barriers and limitations.

We believe that change is personal and everyone has a role to play during transformation.

We believe in acting with integrity and empathy by doing the right thing, always.

We believe in openness in all interactions through adaptability, inclusivity, collaboration, transparency, and community.

We believe in being kind and leading with compassion.

We believe that we are all connected and interdependent on the other and therefore value people and their contributions.

We believe that we all have a seat at the table.

Jen Kelchner

Founder & CEO

Jen has created pioneering adaptive schemas weaving cognitive psychology, practical experience and diverse theories into an applied language of change for optimized and sustainable transformation. She drives change conversations with high-level leaders, balancing contrasting and unusual influences together and connecting the nucleus of ideas to create wide roads for growth. Her gift to see the unseen and create bridges into the future allows her to assist others in navigating the uncharted and uncertain waters in a rapidly changing world. Jen partners leaders in the private and public sectors around the world on shaping human-centric futures today with clear action and meaningful impacts.

Pioneer in: Adaptive SchemasOpen Organization Principles, Open Culture, Open Leadership, Open Behaviours, Cognitive Psychology of Change, Rapid Transformation Practices, The Language of Change, 

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