We reframe challenges into transformative opportunities.


We are collaborators & co-creators of transformation.

We lead and facilitate powerful conversations for change.

We reframe challenges into transformative opportunities.

We provide an interactive growth experience for leaders and organizations.

We develop architects of change to build the future.

We are passionate about building a better world, together.

We collaborate and co-create with you through an interactive lab environment. 


To co-create with conscious leaders and organizations to build a collaborative, inclusive world.


Our backgrounds are rooted deeply in change, a passion for people and innovation. 

We are connected by our common goals and interests to build a better workplace culture that values its people and empowers them to build a better future. Being a leader isn’t about the power one holds in a role but rather it is the internal power to serve those around us. Leadership in this emerging future requires vulnerability, transparency, capacity to inspire trust, and an inclusive mindset.

As the composition of technologies inside our organizations changes, so does the composition of people—and that means the composition of expectations is changing, too. If you expect your company to not only succeed but thrive in the 21st Century, you’ll need to make an immediate investment in interpersonal and managerial competency training.

Collaborators of Change

Jen Kelchner

Jen Kelchner

Founder + Transformation Specialist

Jen is an architect of conscious transformation in leaders and organizations in order to meet the demands of the emerging future to build an open, collaborative, inclusive world. As a transformation and strategy expert, she focuses on the values of open, quantum thinking, applied empathy and integrating heart-centered leadership with open processes. She advises leaders on change architecture, communication, breaking down barriers, connecting the dots to solve problems, and innovating the people side of digital transformation. Jen is also a founding member of the Forbes Coaches Council, Deloitte alumn, and member of the Open Organization Ambassador team. 

Jen has been mentioned or featured in: Forbes, Forbes Councils, Forbes Council Education, Huffington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CMO.com, Opensource.com, Linux Today, LXer, Red Hat News

Current Open Organization collaborative projects: In The Open column, The Open Organization, The Open Organization Workbook, The Open Organization Maturity Model,  and The Open Organization Leadership Manual, Second Edition.

Recent speaking engagements: #OpenFirstDC Public Sector event sponsored by Red Hat & Intel, Community Powered Innovation facilitator (Red Hat Public Sector), Lausanne Global Workplace Forum (Manila, 2019), International Association of Women, Georgia Agape Executive Retreat, Red Hat Summit 2018, All Things Open 2017, Duke University (Guest Lecture), Fresno Pacific University (Guest Lecture), Berry College Leadership Day, Tennessee DECA, and others.

Krystina Francis

Krystina Francis

Innovation + Technology Leader

Krystina has 15 years of direct team and project management experience, starting with her own company founded in 2004, Vivid M (M for Music), that developed and patented the world’s first online recording studio and live performance venue for musicians. During her career, Krystina has managed over 350 projects that range from development through implementation of Software as a Service platforms, rebuilding multi-national eCommerce sites, developing proprietary software solutions, and creating lean operational workflows.

Industries served include financial, healthcare, and manufacturing where she also created or matured IP for her clients. Her forte is conceptualizing new systems or components and creating visual requirements/UX. She is a strong proponent of hybrid methodologies that combine the best practice techniques of PMI that ensure quality, while developing with Lean and Agile principles.

Adroit Methods

Danielle Mingo

Danielle Mingo

Multimedia Collaborator

Dani is passionate about modern communication techniques, like documentaries, podcasting, and social media. She is interested in sharing individual perspectives, as every person has something unique to bring to the table. She believes modern communication is an important aspect of connecting the world as neighbors. Kindness, transparency, and empathy are driving forces that can push communities to perform at their greatest capacity.

Utilizing these passions, she collaborates with LDR21 to create an open communication channel through media. Danielle is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University in Electronic Media Communication and Political Science.

Micah Graves

Micah Graves

Multimedia + Content Intern

Ever since Micah was young, he always tried to ask himself, “What if I was in their shoes?”. Compassion and understanding are the qualities he admires most in others. And, he believes the world could benefit from more empathetic action from leaders in business and politics. Using the education mindset given to him, he hopes to grow his skillset and become a positive force for change in the world.

Micah is a senior at Middle Tennessee State University, he majors in Interactive Media and minors in Political Science. He is interning with our team during his Spring 2019 semester.

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