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Everything has changed.

The world changed in a blink in early 2020 and a significant impact was felt across industries, countries, and populations. As we began to make shifts to support our projects and clients, work had been radically altered and we realized our greatest gifts were being underutilized.

This led to a dramatic shift in services, and how we work, as we moved towards 2021. We can’t exist simply as a consultancy any longer. It became clear we needed to bring our pioneering work from the last decade forward to help transform business, culture, institutions, systems, and people.

You see, what was once radical thought is now highly sought after information and practice as previous best practices won’t get you there any longer. Leaders need in the now moment advice that is relevant and provides insight for swift movement forward. 

Why Choose Us?

We are in a new paradigm and you need an expert who sees the unseen, the lay of the land, to guide you in ways traditional experts and thinkers cannot offer.

We serve world shapers, change makers, innovators, global influencers, governments, policy makers, and highly visible leaders who are instrumental in shaping transformation efforts in governments, recovery, skill development, sustainability, education, and cultural work models.

Our History

Decades of diverse business experience while pioneering concepts and adaptive schemas have led us to be authorities in open principles, cognitive behavior change, resiliency, culture, leadership, and transformation practices.

Our Ethos

At our core essence, it is the heart of connection. Be it relationships or weaving the stars to bring the micro and macrocosms into oneness, we believe all things are connected and thrive in states of community.

our pioneering approach

Over the course of the last decade, we have crafted and tested thought processes that allow for swift change with surgical precision. These ways get to the root of a thing and this insight is now available to you.

The Alchemic Activation

our adaptive approach to changing thinking, conscious connection + creating wide roads for growth

A Multidimensional Change Method

our original approach to the five phases of change and the four actors for integrated transformation

The Language of Change

we leverage our research on change to understand your interaction with change and how-to build bridges with others during shifts

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Are you ready to alchemize your obstacles and create wide roads for growth?

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