Build an agile culture that
resonates with your company

Measure and track the adaptability
of your people and culture

Leverage the power of an
Open Organization

Anticipate problems in advance

Diagnosing your team’s current levels of Open and identifying how members respond to change the moment they hear about it, allows you to anticipate needs in advance.  Each of your members offers a valuable contribution in the process of change and adaptability response. 

With a capacity to Pause or to Pounce, each member processes information through four dimensions allowing them to either drive or sustain change in the moment.

Open Organization values unlock the intelligence of people.

Digital transformation, while not a new term, is still a burning issue for business leaders. As digital technologies become more sophisticated, as organizations continue to adapt to shifting market needs, and as social trends demand new ways of doing work, we are faced with an ever-increasing need to transform our organization and cultural norms.

Organizations that embrace cultures of openness are more agile, accountable, and innovative.