We reframe challenges into transformative opportunities.

We advise + co-create on innovative solutions that create transformation and build an open, collaborative and inclusive world.

We transform leaders into architects of change.

We collaborate and co-create alongside you to transform your leaders and organizations to match the demands of innovation daily.


We facilitate thinking.

We provide deep, intuitive insights.

We expand awareness and lead consciously.

We help you evolve the way you work and lead.

We are collaborators & co-creators of transformation.

We lead and facilitate powerful conversations for change.

We reframe challenges into transformative opportunities.

Consulting + long-term planning is dead.

So, what now?

Traditional consulting projects take too long and you often are left relying on consultants doing the work. The project ends (maybe after 24-36 months) and without enabled internal teams, you are left relying on consultants again for the next wave of change.

Planning can’t really be done (safely) beyond 3 months at a time because of the rapid state of change we are all experiencing. 

We aim to do consulting and coaching differently.

As your partners in collaboration and co-creation, we can unlock the talent within your people to become rapid responders to change. Together, we build people to produce transformative, innovative solutions and content.

Labs [by LDR21] are our solution to architecting a new way to work and lead teams. 

Leading powerful conversations.

We lead and facilitate conversations alongside you that produce powerful results. Transparent communication and open discourse is an ethos of the modern day.

Turning challenges into opportunities.

As collaborators and co-creators, we partner with you from the discovery to roadmap phase. We help you remove barriers to growth and gain a competitive edge through culture change.

Collaborating on solutions.

Consulting projects aren’t what you need. What you need is objective, unbiased collaborators and equipped internal teams who create space to innovate.

Pick Your Lab.  Architect Your Change.

Evolve The Way You Work.

Insight + Discussion panels for leaders


Think-a-thon to launch solution building


Architect solutions to challenges + change 

Customized labs for your organization + event

Disruption is existential. It’s not just an organizational design issue. It cuts straight to the core of who we are, how we see ourselves, and what we contribute to our environments. The furious pace of disruption is forcing executives to make existential decisions and commit to them much faster than they’ve anticipated. 

Understanding the existential impacts digital transformation is having on every aspect of human life, and addressing the immediate need to reshape the way we work, organize, and do business. In other words: changing our organizational cultures and developing people capable of thriving in these conditions.

It’ll take nothing less than immediate action. We need to change the way we work and lead our organizations into this new era.

Jen Kelchner

Founder, LDR21

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