It’s time to upgrade your Org OS

The world is shifting.

With the hyper-speed of innovation at hand, we must change the way we do work at the organizational level to survive and thrive in Industry 4.0.

At the heart of what we call “digital transformation” isn’t just technology—it’s people, too. When we forget that, we put our organizations in danger.

Jen Kelchner

Founder, LDR21


Employees affected by their organization’s changes rarely have time to stabilize before the next wave hits.

Industry 4.0 is in full swing, yet we have not changed the way we work or provided the skills for our people to meet the demands of the digital age of innovation.

We help you architect your change, empower leaders at all levels, and create rapid response to change through the values of openness.


We equip and empower leaders of all levels to engage change and create innovative communities to lead from the emerging future.  Leveraging the power of open values as our foundation, we help leaders recode their mindware and the DNA of the organizational culture in order to meet the demands of the speed of innovation.

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The Power of Community

Roundtable discussion with the Open Organization Ambassadors


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