2020 was just the prelude. Get ready for the sweeping groundswell of people-powered change in 2024

We need (scratch that). We ARE going to recenter humanity in all that we do.

2020 was the prelude to 2024.

Just like the last days of 2019, little did we know we were closing out one world and entering another. Within a few months, we realized that nothing would ever be the same. Business changed. Work changed. Lifestyles changed. The global landscape changed. Nothing was left untouched.

And, here we are again.

As we close out the final days of 2023, we are entering into another critical juncture and absolutely unstoppable paradigm shift.

Business as you know it will not and cannot be the same in 2024 and beyond.

There is (perhaps unseen to you at this moment)a groundswell of people-powered change taking place. It will, in the coming months and the next couple of years, change everything we know.

The world around you is changing at a rapid pace that increases almost daily now. I even find the speed of it surprising and I’m hyper aware of it. In the last two months specifically, we have undergone a mass awakening of the people.

(For those who have word triggers, here is some context: awakening is often used to describe waking up from a slumber, a heightened awareness, new knowledge coming to light, or suddenly the unseen becoming seen.)

I am personally witnessing it through social apps and community conversations. Corruption, greed, injustices, genocide, propaganda, oppression as well as all the systems and supporters of it are being revealed. The disparity is as stark contrast, more so than ever before. And the people – of all ages and locations– have had enough.

We want humanity to be centered at every decision point (and while we are at it nature too). We want to be able to contribute through our work and still afford to have a life and actually enjoy it. We want equitable solutions and systems that are collaborative, inclusive, and open with the understanding that we are all interconnected.

For those of you who read this far and feel uncomfortable or offended, then good luck and I wish you well. This isn’t for you. If you’re curious and are also seeing the shift underway, then please let’s connect!

What does this mean for you as a leader or a business?

It means now is the time to be prepared for the next paradigm shift that is already underway.

It has to be humanity first and centric to how you conduct your business

Do an audit of immediate needs across your department or org-wide (pretend it’s March 2020 but this time you are ready for it)

Talk to your people and really listen

Reset your foundations and frameworks (this means your principles and ways of doing everything)

Model new behaviors as leaders and in your work culture that foster openness and are human-centric

Be incredibly adaptable, every day and every moment

Create an environment of connection, trust, and transparency

Embrace diversity and foster an inclusive culture

Align your business goals with societal needs and environmental sustainability

Redefine success beyond profit margins to encompass social impact and ethical practices

Redefine productivity and really focus on how your people can contribute their best as humans, not machines

Use open collaboration practices with stakeholders, including customers, employees, communities, and governing entities

Recognize that leadership in this era requires empathy, agility, and a deep understanding of interconnectedness

As a leader navigating this imminent transformation, your role is pivotal. Embrace this juncture as an opportunity for growth, innovation, and positive change. It’s not merely about adapting to change; it’s about proactively driving it in a direction that prioritizes humanity and sustainability. Remember, the essence of leadership lies not just in steering your organization but in empowering and uplifting those within and around it.

The world is shifting and the ripple effects of these changes will be profound. The businesses that thrive will be those that authentically align with the evolving values of society, championing integrity, ethics, empathy, and purpose-driven actions. Embrace this movement, lead with empathy, and drive change that leaves a positive legacy for generations to come.

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