Open Culture Report

A summary of phenomena from the implementation of open culture

As part of a joint venture called Interchange, LDR21 conducted a series of sessions with global technology leaders who were open-source users seeking to implement open culture further. This report is a summary of findings through our conversations and phenomenological analysis.

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What's inside

Between 2019 to 2021, we ran peer-powered roundtables, masterclasses and conferences on Future Ready Government and Workplace of the Future with leaders from government agencies. Over 300 data points were gathered from these events which inform the blocks and starting points of the reports.

We additionally explore five case studies of how openness has been applied in a variety of contexts looking through the lenses of charities, a global NGO, cities and an open knowledge community.

Executive Summary

Brief overview of the body of work and its relevance to leaders considering open source, culture or digital transformation in general

Five Case Studies

Open culture applied in various industries and context to see open in practice

Barriers to open

Insights from our data points that show what prevents the uptake of open source and open culture

Starting Points

Hear from leaders who expressed what changes they see that need to be made for the future of work and culture shifts