Our areas of expertise

Discover our comprehensive areas of expertise, driving change in strategic transformation, leadership development, change management, collaborative innovation, organizational development, and digital transformation. With a focus on fostering adaptive cultures, igniting innovation, and guiding dialogues for profound insights, our expertise encompasses a holistic approach that navigates complex business landscapes. Explore our proficiency in driving sustainable growth, leveraging deep psychology insights, and facilitating impactful sessions for actionable outcomes in today’s dynamic business environment.

We've been exploring new horizons with transformation for 25 years.

Leadership Development

Deep expertise in change leadership, people-centric leadership, open leadership and fostering these behaviors in others.

Org Development

Designing models and methodologies for agile, adaptable organizations for cultural evolution to foster growth and sustainability.

Human-Centric Design

From concepts to systems placing humans at the center of design for experience, technologies, systems and the workplace.


Proficient in the art of dialogue facilitation, igniting meaningful conversations, extracting valuable insights, and eliciting profound feedback from participants.

Open Collaboration

Renowned for orchestrating collaborative sessions, fostering an environment of creativity and ideation while extracting actionable insights to drive transformative outcomes.

Open Organizations

Spearheaded open org work, shaping inclusive cultures that foster innovation, collaboration, adaptability, transparency, and community. Deep research into open leadership and culture behaviors.

Digital Transformation

Driving strategic change to evolve processes, drive uptake and operational efficiencies through the people-side of digital transformation.

Innovation & Ideation

Cultivating environments that encourage creativity, idea generation and transformative thinking to drive groundbreaking solutions.

Strategic Transformation

Guiding and executing holistic organizational shifts to adapt, innovate, and thrive in evolving market landscapes.


Deeply versed in psychology and cognitive science, leveraging an acute understanding of human behavior to drive impactful strategies and foster transformative change

Change Horizons

Deeply understand and have researched the five phases of change to map the processes and behaviors required to navigate through the liminal for sustainable growth.


Articulating and conveying complex ideas and strategies in a clear, articulate manner to ensure alignment across diverse audiences.

How We Delivered Expertise

Leading PMO teams and large-scale projects with multiple consulting teams in healthcare systems for PMI, M&A, and compliance projects. This included communications, executive and stakeholder point of contact, reporting and individual projects.

Created scaffolded executive learning events that are interactive and collaborative which leads to applied learning while delivering new information and collectively problem solving.

Trained in facilitation at Deloitte which has been utilized in meetings, dialogue sessions, Co.Labs, learning experiences and executive sessions since 2006.

Leading innovation and learning labs across the globe with participants ranging from students to executives of large organizations. Using agile and open practices, change interventions, and unique practices to inspire sparks of innovation and deep insight.

Distilling complex ideas into clear, simple ways of understanding. From articulating organizational tenets and characteristics to maturity models for new culture frameworks. Authored and published books. Thought leadership articles featured, syndicated and cited around the globe including ghost writing for global organizations.

Using unique approaches to gathering data that is authentic and reflective of all members perceptions and ideas, filtering through multiple lenses to find patterns and assess phenomenological insights into actionable reports.

Extensive work in The Open Organization Project spearheading the teams work with the open source community to identify values, define characteristics and craft maturity models for operationalizing.

Architecting concepts for SaaS platforms, DAO concepts, workflow re-engineering to release trapped and untapped value, crafting new organizational models and methodologies; and, custom change interventions.