Our statement on the living wage.

LDR21 LLC is a United States-based company registered in the State of Pennsylvania.

In line with our values, LDR21 is committed to paying at least the Living Wage.

  • We are committed to paying all our staff at least the Living Wage
  • We ensure that all freelance workers engaged directly by us are paid at least the Living Wage
  • We aim to engage with contractors, potential contractors, and services, as far as possible, that also pay the Living Wage to people working for them

We are committed to making the world a more open and democratic place to live and work. We do this through connection, visibility, and trust and by developing the conditions of ORBITALS:

  • Open
  • Regenerative
  • Balance
  • Information flow
  • Trust
  • Awareness
  • Learning
  • Sustainability

We believe in working practices that benefit all workers, as well as every size of organization we work with.