DIGIT, European Commission

Defining the workplace of the future with the European Commission

The European Commission, formed of directorates with staff from across the European Union (EU), translates the strategy of the EU into policies and initiatives, and is tasked with implementing these. We were invited by our long-standing partner Red Hat, to teach their prospective EC clients about open culture as part of the initiation stage of Red Hat’s buyer’s journey. We delivered a collaborative learning masterclass to a group made up of Heads of Directorate, Heads of Sector and other personnel from across the EC, where we collectively explored open culture and the workplace of the future.


Collaborative Learning Masterclass

Remote Delivery

Concept Exploration

Open Culture Learning Experience

Active contributors from the EC
areas of Trapped & Untapped Value identified to open culture within the EC
key call-outs relating to open culture within the EC
# 1
need identified was that open culture would be required for the workplace of the future