Summa Health

Re-engineering workflows to increase revenue in a healthcare system by 800%

The Challenge

Summa Health, a multi-campus healthcare system in Ohio, tasked our team to lead a PMO for their Post Merger Integration project.

The challenge of this Post Merger Integration project was to seamlessly integrate disparate systems and processes while maximizing operational efficiencies and identifying potential revenue streams.

With multiple stakeholders we identified trapped and untapped value across the purchasing cycle, supply chain, EMR implementation, and processes, prioritizing outpatient centers and addressing workflow and application challenges was a complex task.

The Overview

Through thorough interviews and collaborative work sessions, we uncovered trapped and untapped value, leading to an 800% increase in service capacity and revenue streams. Our analysis resulted in over 11,000 reclaimed utilization hours and identified a $10M revenue opportunity across the purchasing cycle, supply chain, EMR implementation, and processes. As the engagement lead and point of contact for stakeholders, we successfully delivered regular reports and executive summaries, driving the project to success.

The Results

utilization hours reclaimed in productivity
$ 10 M
TUV revenue opportunity identified in just 1 clinic
TUV items identified across 3 clinics with 21 high-priority impacts
increase in service capacity and revenue streams

What did TUV look like in this case?

Trapped Value

We found that workflow in the physician offices were creating significant blockages. In one office, the wait time was 3 hours from patient check-in to visit. We reduced this to 20 minutes which increased patient satisfaction, throughput and revenue generation.

Untapped Value

We found through workflow that revenue opportunities were being overlooked and productivity hours could have been saved. With adjustments, productivity skyrocketed with new availability and revenue was recaptured.

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