The Open Org Project

global open source knowledge community


The Open Organization is a community-driven project leading a global conversation about how open principles change how people work, manage, and lead. It is an upstream open-source project (previously) sponsored by Red Hat.

Community members generate knowledge and share strategies for building organizational cultures on principles like transparency, adaptability, collaboration, inclusivity, and community.

The Open Organization project was launched as an open knowledge community to research and articulate open characteristics to operationalize in organizations. We were an integral part of the leadership team stewarding the community, architecting community and concepts, and opening new creative channels to expand reach. Key contributions include characteristic articulation, maturity models, several books and the launching of the video channel, and governance models.


  • Ambassador

    Served the community as an Ambassador from January 2017 - March 2022

  • Thought Leadership

    Contributed to on open culture, open leadership & digital transformation (2016 - ongoing)

  • Books

    Contributed to several books on open culture and preparing for working in the open

  • Producer, Editor & Project Maintainer

    for Open Org TV channel; facilitating discussions, multimedia design, and episode production

  • Definitions & Models

    Contributed to definitions of characteristics and shaping the maturity model as well as other resources

  • Community Architecture

    Aided in shaping the direction of annual project work and governance models for our various programs

  • Multimedia Design

    Created presentation and social templates for the community helping to shape the rebrand in 2019

Maturity Model

Open Org TV