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About Client

Red Hat Summit is a premier technology event to gather and learn from experts in open source to solve their most pressing tech challenges. Interchange was invited to speak and present at the invitation-only leaders event held in Boston, with live-streaming to thousands online. As experts in open leadership and culture, Interchange shaped discussions with leaders from around the globe on pressing challenges in leadership and barriers to the sustainability of open source.

Project Details

Year: 2022

Location: Boston

Audience: CIOs, CTOs & Senior Leaders

Open-Source Software, Technology, OD

The Ask

Livestream Broadcast & Workshop

I was invited to speak at Red Hat Summit 2022 on open leadership and open culture on the Ask-the-Expert panel and an individual workshop session.

My Contribution

I spoke alongside Shabnoor Shah, Principal Open Leadership Coach at Red Hat, to answer questions during the live stream event on Open Leadership & Culture.

I created and facilitated a session on What blocks open culture to discuss research we had conducted on barriers to uptake of open-source technology and open culture, as well as the future of decentralization.

Shaping open culture & leadership
in organizations

reached in-person audience
reached online streaming & on-demand replays
questions posed during live Ask-the-Experts session

Navigating the 2024 paradigm shift

Human-centric strategies for concsious leaders, culture and communities as we move through unstoppable transformation