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Shift Readiness

Readiness Audit

Engage in a collaborative process to gain insights and identify critical areas for immediate attention for the paradigm shift

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Starts at $750

  • 90-Min, Virtual Session
  • Up to 10 Stakeholders
  • Identify critical areas for immediate change

Functional Audit

Comprehensive audit of capabilities and capacities specific to a function to activate and mobilize your shift

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Starts at $10,000

  • Collaborative, Virtual Sessions
  • Analysis & Mapping
  • Change Interventions
  • Recommendations

1 Year Org

Liberate your organization to be fully human-centric and intentional with your transformation

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Starts at $50,000

  • Monthly Co.Labs
  • Functional Audits & Mapping
  • Async Support for Teams
  • Analysis & Recommendations
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Facilitator of Change

Jen Kelchner

A visionary leader with over 15 years of dedicated focus on people, leadership, and culture development, I am deeply committed to revolutionizing work dynamics for enhanced collaboration, inclusivity, and equitable systems. For the past 8 years, I have spearheaded initiatives fostering open culture, recognized within global communities and architecting impactful open-source knowledge communities. My passion lies in reshaping work paradigms to facilitate transparency, community-driven collaboration, and inclusivity, while also leveraging extensive experience in facilitating large collaborative sessions and driving content creation.


A new era is here.

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