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Mesh is a human-centric organizational design & methodology that can help in digital transformation. Check out the chapter on Skills Visibility & Optimizing Deployment which is critical in this unfolding era.

What's changed at LDR21?

Hi, this is Jen! In 2017, I formalized my consulting work by founding LDR21. Having a legal business entity for the types of work projects I do is necessary. However, I will no longer use LDR21 as a "brand" and only as a legal entity for legal and financial regulations.  

At the end of 2022, many things shifted for me and again a new layer of awareness entered. Several thoughts came through to me: maintaining a personal and business brand separately was creating division in my life and adding unnecessary work loads; it requires masking and the inability to be authentic as myself; and, everyone knows me (Jen Kelchner) for the delivery of work not my brand name.

My work hasn't changed. I have been a remote, independent contractor, consultant and collaborator since late 2010. The legal entity remains LDR21 LLC the work is still conducted by myself - just as Jen.