LDR21 and the Lausanne Global Workplace Forum 2019

We are pleased to announce [formally] our participation in the 2019 Lausanne Global Workplace Forum hosted in Manila, Philipines.  Our founder and president, Jen Kelchner, was invited to join the Forum to speak about open leadership and open workplace (organizational) models.  In addition, Jen is building and leading the LGWF Learning Labs from June 26-28. The introduction of Learning Labs to the LGWF shows their interest and commitment to innovation in building a more collaborative, solution-oriented network.
“We are all about building a collaborative, inclusive world. It is an honor to bring a fresh approach to solving challenging global issues through social innovation alongside the catalysts of the Lausanne movement.”, says Kelchner.
If you are interested in more information on how LDR21 can collaborate alongside your organization to create change, contact us via email or live chat on this page.
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