New horizons in the field of Open

Why I'm transitioning from The Open Organization to explore and define what is coming next in the field of Open

After five and half years of leading in The Open Organization, I will be transitioning out of my roles as Open Organization Ambassador and Open Org TV Maintainer to begin pioneering the next phase of open. 

When I was first invited to join The Open Organization Community, both as Contributor and Ambassador, I found a group of people who were at the start of co-creating definitions, models, and criteria for what open could look like operationalized.  It was a gift to me personally as it aligned with work I had been doing previously, related to transformation and behaviors, but I had been lacking agreed-upon criteria in order to operationalize it. 

Being an integral part of co-creating the open principles, definitions, and maturity models deeply began to inform my individual work on creating the dimensions of Open Behaviors and applications of principles based on context.

I’ve been extremely proud of the work that I have been able to do and participate in with my Ambassador colleagues. And, I have had the privilege in my day-to-day work to see it being implemented and explored around the globe in a variety of contexts.

While I will miss my core team, I know friendships and connections will remain as this is one of the most beautiful gifts of community. I send a special thanks to my fellow Ambassadors for the fun times and the sharpening of ideas. And specifically to our longstanding champion Bryan Behrenshausen for his dedication to the community and especially to our core leadership team. I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful Community Architect, collaborator, and friend.

“We are at a new threshold and precipice of global change where we have a deep need for open collaboration across sectors, industries, and governments in order to solve large-scale issues. As I approach this changing horizon, I will be investing my time and energy into the development of the next era of open.”
Jen Kelchner.

The new horizon

Last year with the launch of Interchange, a clear focus emerged for my time and attention. I will be focusing on the development of our organizational diagnostic tools and platform, as well as, looking at the expansion of open beyond our current set of practices. I’m deeply interested solving the issues around hidden work, contribution recognition, and the expansion of equitable solutions. Pioneering is a passion of mine and I look forward to the next frontier.

Project Co-Creations & Contributions

  • The Open Principles
  • The Open Organization Definitions
  • The Open Organization Maturity Model
  • The Open Organization Workbook
  • The Open Organization Leaders Manual
  • OpenOrg TV Producer & Maintainer
  • 19 Articles; syndicated around the globe
  • 15 + Videos
  • Conference panels & roundtables

Consultancy Contributions

  • Concept & Community Architecture
  • Operational Leadership & Mentoring
  • Team Leadership & Mentoring
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